Up North is a new Scandinavian community founded by two of the oldest World of Tanks communities, the Swedish Absolut Pansar and Norwegian Trolls. We have the three active CW clans 99P, 98P and 97P. Together with 96P and 00P we have over 400 Swedish, Norwegian and Danish members!
Inte inloggad


October is here, that means.. winter is comming.

 Meanwhile we can hunt for some gold outside the global map aswell this month! Each week throughout October, wargaming will give us some easy missions to complete, and we can fill up our gold bags.


Starting off today, we can collect 3x 10 gold by simply winning a random battle in a tier V or higher vehicle, and be among the top 10 players on our team by base experience earned. Easy cash!

I'm guessing the next weeks mission will be something similarly easy, so have fun!










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