Up North is a new Scandinavian community founded by two of the oldest World of Tanks communities, the Swedish Absolut Pansar and Norwegian Trolls. We have the three active CW clans 99P, 98P and 97P. Together with 96P and 00P we have over 400 Swedish, Norwegian and Danish members!
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Clan Wars: Operation Safari

World of Tanks team announces the imminent start of the first game event on the new Global Map, during which new mechanics for large scale Events will be tested! Quest tasks, heated tank battles, clan confrontations and, of course, gold and tank prizes, all await you in the new game event - Operation Safari!

Event starts on thursday 15. october and ends on sunday 25. october


Up North is getting ready to paticipate, and the ranks are being assembled within the different clans as we speak. All eager to kick some ass on the map, and have fun doing it!

Event System:
  • Clans will have to perform a sequence of tasks, which will be issued to them individually.

  • The successful completion of the tasks will be awarded with Fame Points.

  • The Fame distribution and rankings will be split between clans and individual players.

  • The event activities will be carried out on one front, consisting of the Horn of Africa and parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

  • In order to allow more clans to get a good share of gold, all provinces on the event fronts will have an income of 600 gold.

Individual clan members will receive Personal Fame points for each battle they take part in. Those with the highest scores will win event prizes, wich is apart from fame and glory, these 2 premium tanks:


The FCM 50t - French tier VIII heavy tank


The T23E3 - American tier VIII medium tank



Want to read more about this? Here’s some links for you!

Initial annoucement with awards and tank distribution info

Rules and regulations




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