Up North is a new Scandinavian community founded by two of the oldest World of Tanks communities, the Swedish Absolut Pansar and Norwegian Trolls. We have the three active CW clans 99P, 98P and 97P. Together with 96P and 00P we have over 400 Swedish, Norwegian and Danish members!
Inte inloggad

General rules for the Up North Community:

As a mature and social community our philosophy is to be open and inclusive for all our members. We expect our members to behave in a good manner both ingame and on teamspeak.



Code of Conduct guidelines applies to all situations where your nick / name are linked to our clan tags and community.

for example:

- WOT official forum

- Up North forum

- TeamSpeak

- WOT in game chat

- Other forum / website that use Wargaming Open ID login


Show Respect!

Show respect for other players opinions and skill level. Avoid provocative, insulting and inappropriate language. Racial discrimination, political persecution, harassment, bullying etc. are strictly prohibited. Remember that you are a representative of Up North, so try to keep raging and verbal abuse to a minimum when you are out on the field, and lead on as a good example.
Be positive and support your team members in random play and in teamplay. Give praise for good games, and constructive criticism. Team kills are not accepted!

Always try to do your best, never give up a fight even though the enemy, RNG and MM is doing their best to brake you.
BOT, regularly AFK or suicide in battle is not accepted!

It is expected that you are active as a member of 99P, 98P and 97p.
Of course, there can be situations and short periods of time when you can not play in primetime. Make a note to your officers about it on the forum!
If you know you will be less active for a longer period, step down to 00P, and make your clanspot available for that period.

Teamspeak server adress is: ts.up-north.eu

Download Teamspeak 3
Get started with TeamSpeak
Download and install TessuMod to see who speaks in-game.

  • All players who are online must be on TeamSpeak3.

  • Everyone must use their ingame nick as TS nick (This is also important for TessuMod to work)

  • Try and join the 19:30 meeting when you are online to get uppdatet on your clans activities for the evening.

  • If you go AFK for a longer period, be in one of the "AFK "channels at the bottom of TeamSpeak. (Especially important around  Clan Wars primetime)


A few minutes after 20:00, update yourself on the global map about the attack / defenses for your clan. Keep in mind that it can pop up games already at 19:45 on the new map!

Under the condition that you are in time to participate in Clan Wars:

  • Be in the 19:30-meeting on ts. (if it is not possible for various reasons, inform your officers or clan members, and get an update from the meeting)

  • You must  "ready up" in the vehicle demanded by your FC.

  • You must be in the correct TeamSpeak channel.

  • You must have a working microphone and use push-to-talk.

  • You will use the ammunition, consumables and equipment that is best suited to your vehicle, and the role you will play in the battle.

  • You must have camouflage on your vehicle 

"2-minute rule" - If you are selected to take part in the CW match, you are forbidden to un-ready and change something in the garage when it is less than 2 minutes left before the match, whatever the reason.

There should be reserves standing by in every match, in case a selected player experiences computer issues or lose connection.

In Clan Wars, we write simply: "gl", "HF" and "gg". We do not answer the enemys comments!